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Спасибо большое, при помощи Ваших советов отключил рекламу. Воспользовался шаблоном предыдущих пользователей, за это им огромная благодарность. Скопирую чат, может кому полезно будет.

11:56 AM(GMT) Maria(CSA): Hello, my name is Maria from Kindle support. I will be happy to assist you today.
11:57 AM(GMT) Maria(CSA): I see you wanted to get rid of your Kindle Special Offers. Let me pull up your account and see the best I can do to help you.
11:58 AM(GMT) Vitaly Karpenko: Hello, Maria! My account is ______,
11:59 AM(GMT) Maria(CSA): 
Thank you.
May I have your complete name please.
12:01 PM(GMT) Vitaly Karpenko: Yes, you have.
12:01 PM(GMT) Maria(CSA): Oh sorry, it say. Vitaly Karpenko
12:01 PM(GMT) Vitaly Karpenko: =)
12:01 PM(GMT) Maria(CSA): Thank you Vitaly. :)
12:01 PM(GMT) Vitaly Karpenko: It's OK=)
12:01 PM(GMT) Maria(CSA): May I know where are you currently located?
12:01 PM(GMT) Vitaly Karpenko: I located in Russia, Saint-Petersburg
12:02 PM(GMT) Maria(CSA): I see, do you have your Kindle Paperwhite?
12:02 PM(GMT) Vitaly Karpenko: Yes, it near by me =)
12:03 PM(GMT) Maria(CSA): I've successfully unsubscribed your Kindle from Special Offers at no cost. Can you please double check?
12:04 PM(GMT) Vitaly Karpenko: How I can check it?
12:04 PM(GMT) Maria(CSA): Please sync your Kindle.
Do you still see the ads?
12:05 PM(GMT) Maria(CSA): I mean the Special Offers?
12:05 PM(GMT) Vitaly Karpenko: Yes, i see this =)
Thank you very much, Maria!! 
12:05 PM(GMT) Maria(CSA): You're most welcome Vitaly. :)
Are they gone?
12:05 PM(GMT) Vitaly Karpenko: you'll the best helper =)
12:05 PM(GMT) Maria(CSA): Glad to have been of help. :)
12:06 PM(GMT) Maria(CSA): Would be there anything else that I can assist you for today?
12:06 PM(GMT) Vitaly Karpenko: yes, they gone! =)
12:06 PM(GMT) Maria(CSA): Excellent!

12:07 PM(GMT) Vitaly Karpenko: Thank you, no more questions =)
12:07 PM(GMT) Maria(CSA): In behalf of Amazon Kindle Chat Support, we hope you have a great day ahead. :)
We hope to see you again soon! Please click the "end chat" link to close this window.
12:07 PM(GMT) Vitaly Karpenko: Good bye, Maria! =) See you next time =)
12:07 PM(GMT) Maria(CSA): Yeap, take care Vitaly. :)
12:08 PM(GMT) Vitaly Karpenko: In Russia Maria called Masha
12:08 PM(GMT) Maria(CSA): Oh I see, sounds good to me. ;)
12:09 PM(GMT) Vitaly Karpenko: Have a nice day =)
12:09 PM(GMT) Maria(CSA): Have a nice day as well Vitaly. 
Bye for now. :)