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​натурально работает: написала не в чат, а в почту, что-то со связью было.
вот что: "Hello! I've got a little problem - all your special offers aren't availibale in my country (i live in Russia). Could you turn them off or something else? i received my kindle as a birthday gift (my friend sent it from Prague) Thank you in advance!!"

ответ пришел быстро:

"Hello Marina, Thanks for writing to us with your concern about removing special offers on your Kindle. As you requested, to help you in this, I've disabled the special offers on your Kindle device with out any charges. Please turn wireless on, and the next time you connect your Kindle device wirelessly, it will complete the process of unsubscribing your device from special offers. If you need further assistance in removing Special Offers, please visit the contact page below and give us a call, chat in, or write from the e-mail address on the account so we can help you right away"